Regulations for holding and participating in the BRD online exhibition

  • The dates of each online exhibition are indicated on the main page of the site
  • To participate in the online dog show, participants must fill out the registration form on the website, indicating the name, date of birth, gender, RKF registration number for dogs from Russia and the registration number of another canine federation (FCI, AKC, KC) for foreign participants, group, class, name of the breeder, attach a file with the pedigree of the dog, indicate the name of the owner, city of residence of the participant, current phone number and e-mail to receive confirmation of participation and information about the exhibition.
  • After correctly filling out the application, the participant will be asked to go to the page for paying the target exhibition fee.
  • After payment to the mail indicated in the application, within 2 days you will receive a confirmation of participation, a file with the registration number of the dog in the catalog, instructions for shooting a competitive video and the time frame for sending the video for judging. If, after three days, the confirmation letter has not arrived, you must inform the Organizer about this by sending a letter to INFO@BRD-SHOW.ONLINE indicating the date of filling and payment of the application, full name of the owner, nickname and breed of the dog.
  • For participants who registered in the first week from the date of the start of accepting applications, the deadline for submitting an exhibition video is 10 days. Starting from the second week, the terms are reduced to one week. Participants who apply three days before the end of the recording can submit a video within 4 days. The timeline for sending the video can be changed at the discretion of the Organizer.
  • One participant can register an unlimited number of dogs by re-entering information for each dog and their contact details. Payment for each dog is also made separately.
  • Verification of applications and moderation of competitive videos for compliance with technical requirements and the correctness of the content takes from 3 to 5 days. If the application is filled in incorrectly, and the video does not meet the requirements, the Organizer sends a notification to the participant by mail about the need to make changes or re-shoot the competition video.
  • After closing the recording and collecting all the competitive videos, a general catalog and schedule of the online exhibition is formed. The schedule will be sent to the participants' mail and published on the exhibition website. The catalog will be published on the website on the first day of the online broadcast of the judging.
  • Actual information and news of the BRD Show online platform will be posted on the project pages in social networks and the telegram channel
  • Online judging by class and breed takes 2 to 4 days depending on the number of entries submitted. The broadcast is published on the website of the online exhibition, on the Organizer's YouTube channel and on social media pages, During judging, only one video in motion for each dog and the total of points according to 20 criteria stated on the exhibition website are shown in the public domain.
  • Videos from past BRD-ONLINE shows, other events where a dog has participated without an actual BRD-ONLINE registration number will not be accepted.
  • Videos from past BRD-ONLINE shows, other events where a dog has participated without an actual BRD-ONLINE registration number will not be accepted.
  • A certificate with the judges' marks for each of the 20 criteria is sent by mail to the participants within 7 days after the completion of the breed judging.
  • If the dog scores more than 49 points in total on all criteria and wins the class, it will receive the BRD Online Champion Candidate certificate. Two Champion Candidate Certificates give the participant the title of BRD Online Champion. Certificates are sent by mail along with the results of the judging.
  • The final stage includes competitions in groups, selection of the best junior Best in Show Junior and the best dog of the Best in Show show. In each nomination, the judges choose the winners who took 1-3 places. The selection of the winners takes place on the same day and is broadcasted on the Organizer's channels. The winners are awarded by correspondence diplomas and prizes. Diplomas are sent by e-mail the next day after the end of the exhibition. The delivery of prizes to the winners is carried out by the Organizer or Sponsor of the exhibition.
  • When applying for an exhibition, the participant agrees that the information received from them (name and breed of the dog, full name of the owner and breeder), as well as competitive videos showing the dog in motion, can be used by the Organizer and third parties for informational purposes (press -releases, posting information about the course and results of the exhibition on the website of the project and the Organizer's partners in its implementation, as well as in various media) - to attract public attention to future exhibitions and projects; in any form, without payment of any remuneration to the participants and without additional permission from the participants of the online exhibition.
  • Participation in the online exhibition confirms that the participant is familiar with and agrees with the terms and conditions set forth in these regulations and accepts all the conditions.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the regulations of the exhibition, without notifying the participants.